Star Tattoos: Reach For The Stars!

Star Tattoo ImageHeavenly movement of the celestial bodies that light up the night sky have always fascinated nighttime viewers and fueled ancient cultures with myths and superstitions when they spotted shooting stars. Ancient worshippers assigned simple meanings to shooting stars and believed the shooting stars were the creators of dramatic changes in their lives, like new birth or a better life, much like today’s meanings.

While today’s meanings for shooting star tattoos might have lost the ancient beliefs and mythology that held deep meanings to the life and fortunes of tribal sky-watchers, some remnants of those old beliefs remain. Stars, one of the oldest symbols in any form, have been very powerful images for centuries of wonder in several religions and tribal belief systems.

While star tattoos are not specific to any religion or culture and have many variations in design, they still have metaphysical meanings for today’s body art devotees and continue to be universal symbols of good luck or life changes. Shooting stars, on the other hand, can infer fleeting, but highly emotional romances or any of life’s transitions.

Some are adding shooting star tattoos to their body art to mark some event in their lives that left a lasting impression. It could memorialize a close friend, a deep romance or a moment in time that brought a change of attitude or lifestyle. The death of a loved one can be memorialized by a blaze of shooting stars, signifying the soul’s journey to another existence.

We are all dreamers and these beautiful clusters of stars shooting across your body could represent finally arriving at your goal or simply reaching for the stars and grabbing your dream. Who isn’t attracted by the very thought of reaching for the stars?

When you engrave a trail of stars across your shoulder or back, your meanings are personal and might have nothing to do with anyone else’s opinion of the symbology. The use of symbols for graphic or unconscious interpretation is a time-honored method of attracting attention to a product or business, and can easily attract attention to you for the same reasons. Advertising companies have become mega businesses doing just that.

Some popular sites for men who choose shooting star tattoos include the upper arm, shoulder or upper back. These displays can be a straight line flash of color leading to a fireworks-like display at the end of the star trail or one that swirls around your arm, highlighting your muscles,

Women tend to choose more delicate versions of the same design. They might prefer a subtle swirling of stars around an ankle and starting up the leg or one displayed in the small of their back, for example. Either one can be a slightly provocative or flirty design, while symbolizing a woman who’s wishes come true, or one with an interesting past.

The only thing that matters when you are choosing your shooting star tattoo, is what it means to you and not anyone else.

Do You Know The Mythology Of Your Star Tattoo?

Star Tattoo ExampleBoth men and women are attracted to star tattoos for various reasons. A person looking for a tattoo for the first time, but timid about it, might select a tiny, tasteful star on a shoulder or arm to get used to body art before getting another one that is more expressive and colorful.

Star tattoos span all religions and cultures, while remaining a universal symbol today that has deep metaphysical meanings for people with different spiritual beliefs. One of the oldest symbols that can be found in religious myths dating back to prehistoric times, stars have a powerful history that continues to fascinate groups of people worldwide.

The most masculine of the star tattoos is the nautical star with 5 points split down the middle and meeting in the middle. Each point is filled with two alternating colors that create a 3d effect.

The nautical star stems from an old Pagan symbol and can be found in certain hospitals in Ireland to symbolize good health. Sailors throughout history have used stars for guidance through the oceans of the world. As a result, they placed nautical stars on their bodies for protection and guidance to get them home safely.

The Star of David, a six-pointed star that is the symbol of the Jewish religion, is a symbolic reminder of the rule of God over the entire universe.

The Pentagram tattoo, or pentangle, has a long list of spiritual, cultural or religious meanings dating back for many centuries and is one of the oldest recorded symbols in the history of civilization.

In some beliefs, the pentagram protects the wearer against evil. This star is the most used of all symbols from the occult and is widely believed to be the strongest method of attracting benevolent spirits.

Believers in Satanism, black magic, invert the star so two points are up. This inverted star pattern is the symbol of Masonry and the Eastern Star.

Wiccans, witches and warlocks who practice white magic, use it with the point up, which is a symbol of faith for them . Both beliefs place the star inside a circle, which is believed to strengthen the powers of the star.

Christianity, on the other hand, uses the pentagram to symbolize the five elements of the earth: light, air, wind, fire and water.

One non-religious symbolism of the pentagram includes the ancient Egyptian pentagram found on ancient graves and symbolizing the celestial sky. Another, from Pythagoras, would represent mathematical perfection.

In astronomy, the pentagram is used to symbolize femininity and the planet Venus, which follows a path around the sun that resembles a pentagram.

Stars have fascinated civilizations since the beginning of time. The night sky and the bright stars have created many mythologies as primitive cultures struggled to understand the forces of nature all around them. That simple fascination continues today as men and women decorate their bodies with this celestial symbol.